Monday, 19 January 2015

Whale Watching - An Adventurous Pleasure

whale watchingSeason holidays are the best time to spend with family and friends. Everyone has their own plan of spending the holidays. This time create a unique thought to make your holidays a memorable one. The whale watching cruises are best entertainment offered for peoples of all ages at an affordable price. Are you thinking where these cruises are available? The best whale watching cruise located in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. The cost for each person varies with age and children’s below 6yrs old are allowed in free of cost. Many people in the world would have watched whales in pictures, television or in some aquarium where you would have seen small sized creatures. But this is something different when compared to others. Watching a whale of different colors in the real life is truly amazing and will create astonishing moments in your life.

The whale watching provides you experienced wildlife guides on the board where each one’s pleasure is fulfilled and the best part is that the lunch is provided with free of cost which includes Northwest King salmon & BBQ chicken lunch, with rice pilaf, Cole slaw, freshly baked biscuits with honey butter, and brownies for dessert. The visit is for 2 hours where the journey starts from Bellingham through the San Juan Islands which provides you a complete pass time. This cruise will create an everlasting memorable situation in life. There are also other services offered to you such as cracked crab dinner cruise, Bellingham Bay Brewers cruise, unwined on the bay, bird watching cruise, Bellingham bay waterfront tour, La-Conner Deception pass tour and Sucia Island picnic cruise. You can also avail the service by booking the tickets online and grab the offers available for each season. Thus enjoy the moments and gain pleasure by spending time with the different wildlife creatures in the world.

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