Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Offer for Cruise Trip

As Christmas festival is around the corner, most people want to celebrate it with others at outdoor places to share their greetings and wishes. A cruise is an ideal one for this purpose to enjoy Christmas holidays. At the same time, it is necessary to select a destination first for choosing cruise trips at affordable trips. Nowadays, San Juan islands is becoming a favorite one among visitors as they cover wild life resources and beautiful beaches. Cruises in San Juan offer different types of services to plan vacations depending on the needs. They provide modern amenities for visitors to experience both adventure and excitement. Different types of packages are also offered for Christmas to reduce expenses while carrying out trips.

People can be able to book their services through online for achieving goals to a larger extent. Complete details about them can be known easily for selecting cruise services depending on the needs. Some of the services include whale watching, bird watching, beach picnics, crab dinner and beer tasting to witness satisfaction. Both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements are available for the travelers to view whales and bird species in a comfortable manner. San Juan cruise services are a perfect one for charter trips to make holidays a memorable one. Anyone who wants to enjoy life with friends and guests in outdoor areas can choose them by meeting exact requirements, Gift certificates are also arranged for those who are participating in the adventure trips. Guidelines for reserving the services can be followed easily to travel in San Juan islands without any difficulties.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Planning Whale Watching Trips to get Complete Excitement

Many people want to relax their mind by spending holidays and weekends in popular destinations across the world. However, one should always make a research about them before planning a trip. San Juan Islands are known for their awesome beaches, wild life resources and other sightseeing places. The number of visitors is increasing in large numbers every year due to several features. This place is a popular one for whale watching purposes to get both excitement and adventure. Several cruises offer services for those who want to view movements of whales to experience complete entertainment. They also provide modern amenities for tourists in order to make trips a memorable one by addressing essential requirements.

People can book cruise services through online by following simple instructions to meet exact needs in whale watching process. Expert guides will travel along with travellers to identify spots easily for seeking whales without any difficulties. High quality lunch foods and drinks are also served at the cruises to fulfil the needs of guests. Satisfaction guarantee is assured for travellers after choosing cruise services. Both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements are available in the cruises to watch whales according to needs. Information about Friday Harbor Ferry services can be known from online for selecting them in a proper manner. Anyone who wants to plan their vacations with children and friends can select these services to witness enjoyment in life. Discounts are also allowed for group members to save money in whale watching by meeting exact needs.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

San Juan Cruise Services for Making Adventure Trips

Spending holidays at leading destinations need proper planning for making trips an unforgettable one. San Juan Island is a suitable for enjoying vacations with friends and family members. They are well known for their awesome beaches, wild life resources and other attractions which invite a large number of tourists every year. Cruises in San Juan provide high quality services for those who want to carry out adventure trips with modern amenities. Anyone who is mainly interested in whale and bird watching process can select them for experiencing a complete entertainment. Different types of packages are available for celebrating holidays with friends and children. Both inner and outer seating arrangements are also offered by cruises to view whales and birds at a certain distance.

Expert guides will travel along with the tourists for identifying the whale spots by addressing exact needs. Trips also involve drinks, beverages and lunch for enjoying trips with Great Spirit. San Juan cruise services are a suitable one for organizing important events, anniversaries and other parties at flexible rates. Guidelines are given in simple steps for booking cruise services through online to meet exact requirements while traveling in San Juan Islands. Some packages cover huge discounts for visitors to reduce expenses. Detailed information about services is also delivered to travelers for selecting them depending on the needs. Free gift certificates can be purchased after participating in whale watching and other events. One can also have a look at the testimonials of services to get ideas about them in faster methods.

Please visit www.whales.com to know more about adventure cruise trip services....

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Planning Adventure Trips with San Juan Cruises and Services

Adventure trips always give excitement and one should plan them in proper methods. It is an essential one to gather details about the destinations initially which are suitable one for these trips. This will be extremely helpful for spending holidays with families and children to experience complete entertainment. San Juan Islands is well known its beautiful beaches and wild life places that help for enjoying trips depending on the needs. Moreover, it is an ideal one for whale and bird watching purposes which fulfill the requirements of visitors. Cruises in San Juan Islands offer different types of services to make a comfortable trip depending on needs. They also play a significant role in finding whales and a variety of birds at important spot by addressing exact requirements.

All types of modern amenities are available at the cruises for experiencing a comfortable travel. Both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements are also offered for visitors to view whales or birds from a certain distance. Expert guides will help to identify whales by traveling along with the tourists. San Juan cruises arrange lunch for visitors with high quality foods, beverages and drinks. Some other services include beach picnics, bay visits, beer and wine parties for enjoying them with spirit. Anyone who wants to plan their travel in advance can book services through online for gaining more advantages. People can collect details about different types of packages for choosing the right one. Satisfaction guarantee is also assured for visitors after selecting San Juan Cruise Services.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Whale Facts and Whale Watching

A whale is a type of mammal which lives under the deep ocean waters. It is said to be the biggest marine animal in size when compared to others. Whales vary in color, size and have several characteristics. There are 80 different types of species that are in existence today according to recent reports. At the same time, it is really a challenging one to view movements of whales in sea waters. One should seek support from the expert guides to identify the spots that are a suitable one for whale watching. San Juan islands is a popular whale watching destination which attracts large number of visitors each year. Anyone who is interested in whale watching should hire cruise services for achieving goals to a wider extent. 

Most cruises in San Juan offer modern amenities for people who want to get both adventure and excitement in whale watching. Experienced guides will help for viewing whales at a distance by identifying them in proper methods. Services are an ideal one for those who want to spend holidays with families. Different types of packages are also offered for visitors including lunch, beverages and drinks. Both inner and outer arrangements are available in the cruises which fulfill the requirements of visitors. In addition, one can book cruise services in advance through online for meeting exact requirements in the whale watching process. Complete details about the services and rates can also be gathered easily for planning trips in San Juan islands to witness complete satisfaction. 

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Plan your Whale Watching Trip from Bellingham

If you’re coming to San Juan Islands, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll have many exciting activities such as a full day cruise on a Bellingham Ferry. There are many things to do and see here from spotting Orca whales, seals, sea lions and Minke whales to kayaking, hiking or just relaxing under the sun.

The ferry departs every morning, and offers you an experience you’ll never forget. Thanks to the experienced local crew, you’ll get to see whales and other forms of wildlife up close. The cruise will be fully narrated by the friendly captain, who will speak of the geology, history and wildlife forms of the area. You’ll also get to spend two hours in Friday Harbor which is a vibrant and lovely seaside town where you will be able to visit pubs or the local whale museum.

Besides the cruise, you’ll get to visit the area and enter the local shops and artist galleries. Also, you’ll be glad to know that accommodation and food is suited to every wallet, thanks to the numerous hotels, inns and restaurants of the place. Also, if you want to organize special celebrations with a group of your friends, you will get a discount.

The San Juan Islands are perfect for people with love for adventure and nature. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning sights and spot marine wildlife up close. So come to these exciting islands and take a trip on a Bellingham ferry, and you will get an experience like no other.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Available Ferry for Watching Whales in San Juan

Available Ferry for Watching Whales in San Juan

If whale watching tops your tour itinerary for the next summer season, then there are plenty of reasons why you should think about visiting the San Juan Islands. The calm coasts lines of the San Juans offer exciting adventures for singles and families alike. Apart from a beautiful and memorable stay, these islands also have a number of interesting activities from kayaking to whale watching for people who love marine life.
San Juan being the center of whale watching in the Pacific Northwest, tour bookings for the peak seasons need to be made in advance. Hence, it is ideal to plan your San Juan vacation beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about the arrangements while on the trip.
  • Plan to go during the summer months: Orca whales frequent the islands almost daily during the months of summer. So, if you are particular about sighting an orca, make sure to plan your San Juan ferry trip during the summer.
  • Decide where to stay: Resorts, seaside hotels or beach houses, whatever your pick, be sure to make your reservations on time.
  • Choose your whale watching tour operator: A locally owned and operated tour operator is the most ideal option. Make sure that your tour operator encourages responsible marine life viewing and has a knowledgeable and fun loving crew onboard.
  • Make a to-do list: Apart from kayaking, sea biking and whale watching, you may also want to indulge in other activities like boating, visiting whale museums and seafood restaurants in San Juan.
  • Learn about marine life: Gathering an idea about San Juan’s ocean life peculiarities can help a great deal in making your trip fruitful. 

To book tickets for whale watching trip visit http://www.whales.com/Cruises/San-Juan-Adventure-Full-Day-Cruise.aspx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Great Day In Whale Watching

A Great Day In Whale Watching 

The whale watching tour happens in many places but San Juan is very popular among it. They are distributed geographically and so you can hire a cruise ship to proceed further. They have the insight guarantee offered for the marine protection and so on. A guide is also provided online that has the unique responsibilities to be kept in memory. San Juan cruises offers you with the sight seeing and when you see the whales the captain will stop and have a nice time playing with the jumping whales. Some people have a habit of booking for all the holiday seasons, you can compare the features and cost with the different companies and then select accordingly.

Whale Watching

During the whale watching season they pass on to the harbor and at this time you will have steeper price to travel in cruise. The details about the entire package is displayed on the website to learn more about the wild life and its standards. It's an one day visit and so you can start the trip in morning and they will bring you back with evening as the charges include for the lunch and others. Especially this would be a feast for the nature lovers in determining the best cruising adventure island. Some of them provide the gifts and the discounts for the policy procedures. It's quite different by watching in the media when compared to watching it directly. San Juan islands is also popular for the organic shopping market which is also included in the package. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Whale Watching Fun In San Juan

Whale Watching Fun In San Juan

Staying in San Juan islands have more fun and its adventurous too as there are plenty of the activities to perform in the place. It's known for the wild life and the whale watching tour in traveling with a cruise. The water front cruise starts every day for the commercial establishment also. Based on your budget you can have wide range of the hotels, inns and the restaurants for the accommodation purpose. But the whale watching at friday harbor is exciting due to its historic quality and the benefits they provide with the package. The entire island is filled with adventure and it's a best place for the nature lovers.

  • Rather than traveling with the luxurious and the pontoon boats, the cruise would be the best option.
  • Some of the activities you can perform over there are hiking, kayaking, biking whale watching and others.
  • The small boats are not quite safe due to the wild life creatures in the sea.
  • But in the cruise the captain would stop and find the whales very closer.
  • You can enjoy the sight till evening and they will take you to land after the stunning event.
  • Since this is the larger species many people flock to view this.

Separate charges are being made for the private parties that you would like to organize with your friends and families. The rates are based on the number of hours but the discounts and deals are available for the special celebrations also. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

San Juan Islands: What to Do In Paradise?

So you’ve found a lovely group of islands to vacation in called the San Juan Islands. The archipelago of over 170 islands has so much to offer, if you are well-informed before visiting. Some of the more memorable things to see and do include:

Enjoying the local delicacies

Sampling the local highlights is one of the most memorable occasions of any trip, and the San Juans are no exception. Culinary delights like cracked Dungeness crab and perfectly cooked salmon taste so much better when they’re savored while cruising on the bays and inlets of San Juan Islands.

Tasting an assortment of beers and wines

The San Juan’s are home to many quality breweries and wineries, each infusing their own unique tastes to the beverages they serve. You can sample all of them, pick what you like and enjoy the snacks and hors d’oeuvres that go best with the drinks.

Whale Watching Trip
Going on an Orca whale watching trip

You really can’t say you’ve been to the San Juans until you’ve marveled at the wildlife in the area. Take the time for whale watching trip to search for these majestic animals and let them renew your appreciation for life and all things found in nature. 

Spotting the unique birds around the island

Deepen your appreciation of life further by spotting rare birds around the San Juan’s, from the common Gulls and Kingfishers that roam around the islands to the more iconic Great Blue Herons and Tufted Puffins that pass through the San Juan’s at specific times of the year.

All of these can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of a cruise ship, so you can enjoy all that the San Juan Islands have at your leisure!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spending A Vacation In San Juan Islands

For this holiday you can plan to visit San Juan islands located near Seattle, Washington. It's a perfect place for the nature lovers. You can book online and you will be taken by a ferry boat to Friday harbor town, where there are many restaurants that enriches your taste buds. The tourism will render you with the different outdoor activities along with the package. Some of the services are hiking, kayaking, biking, whale watching and others. The life style of the people is also fun to mingle with. The town consists of many art galleries to watch that kills your time and it's a must place to visit in the historic period.

Sight Seeing

  • There are plenty of accommodation places like inns, hotels and resorts based on your budget.
  • You can book a cruise and take a visit to San Juan islands, as the ratings and schedules are displayed in the website for your convenience.
  • The whale watching is quite interesting where both the kids and the adults enjoy the show.
  • The discount rates are provided for the season that too for the advanced booking services.
  • You can make your vacation fulfilled by taking up the natural exquisiteness.

The cruise offers separate deals for all the events like the wine tasting, whale watching, brews cruise and others. Here the birds watching is awesome and you can enjoy the beauty of the different variety of birds you have ever seen. On the other hand you can also organize for the private parties in the cruise as the charges are hourly based.