Tuesday, 4 June 2013

San Juan Islands: What to Do In Paradise?

So you’ve found a lovely group of islands to vacation in called the San Juan Islands. The archipelago of over 170 islands has so much to offer, if you are well-informed before visiting. Some of the more memorable things to see and do include:

Enjoying the local delicacies

Sampling the local highlights is one of the most memorable occasions of any trip, and the San Juans are no exception. Culinary delights like cracked Dungeness crab and perfectly cooked salmon taste so much better when they’re savored while cruising on the bays and inlets of San Juan Islands.

Tasting an assortment of beers and wines

The San Juan’s are home to many quality breweries and wineries, each infusing their own unique tastes to the beverages they serve. You can sample all of them, pick what you like and enjoy the snacks and hors d’oeuvres that go best with the drinks.

Whale Watching Trip
Going on an Orca whale watching trip

You really can’t say you’ve been to the San Juans until you’ve marveled at the wildlife in the area. Take the time for whale watching trip to search for these majestic animals and let them renew your appreciation for life and all things found in nature. 

Spotting the unique birds around the island

Deepen your appreciation of life further by spotting rare birds around the San Juan’s, from the common Gulls and Kingfishers that roam around the islands to the more iconic Great Blue Herons and Tufted Puffins that pass through the San Juan’s at specific times of the year.

All of these can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of a cruise ship, so you can enjoy all that the San Juan Islands have at your leisure!

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