Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Watching the Whales – Have Fun and Learn New Things on a One of Kind Ferry Trip

If you are tired of learning about whales from TV documentaries, specialty magazines, or the Internet, it is time you tried a more direct approach, a whale watching expedition. Besides the relaxing trip on the water, you can observe the lovely creatures playing, swimming, communicating and feeding in their natural environment.

Bellingham is a popular destination for whale watchers around the world, being said to hold a special charm, due to the imposing Douglas fir trees that surround it like sentinels. The Puget Sound and a great number of natural lakes are other attractions of this area, but nothing lives up to the magnificence of the Gray whales and Orcas populating the waters surrounding the town and thrilling tourists and locals alike, almost all year long.

Besides the whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions and various species of birds put on a show every day, for the delight of nature and outdoor activities lovers. Nothing beats a sunny afternoon on the deck of a Bellingham ferry

You can enjoy the sun or lie back in the shadow, have lunch, breakfast or an afternoon snack, enjoy a cocktail to compliment the salty breeze or just explore the waters and listen to the talk of the mammals with the binoculars and hydrophones, offered for free on most ferries’.

The crew includes at least one guide or marine biologist ready to offer provide detailed information on the whales "family life", mating rituals and foraging techniques, so every expedition is not only relaxing and entertaining, but also enriching.

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